Lauren + Brittany

We've been friends for 20 years - Couldn't be more different, yet are so aligned in the pursuit to help women connect with their true purpose, manifest a thriving life and business and do it all from an energetically aligned space.
By us teaming up to serve, you get double the love. You get dual views on life, business, manifestation and soulfulness. We have each had our own journey with entrepreneurship and soul work and have been through the trenches and came out the other side with loads of lessons that we must pass on.
Partnering up to serve has been hands down the best move we have ever made. We are two very passionate individuals from different walks of life that want nothing more than to see you live a life of flow and experience abundance in your relationships and business!

Brittany Desadier

Hello girl, I see you!
You have a burning desire and know you are meant for something more and ready to take the leap, but don’t know where to start. I was that girl nearly 4 years ago when I took the leap from my corporate job into full time entrepreneurship. I was competitive, ready to succeed and get the money on my own because that would solve all my problems.  Guess what? I did, I created a lot of money, I was a manifesting master, and I always wanted MORE, but I wasn’t satisfied on my journey or when I arrived. Boy was I lost and didn’t even grasp what I was missing. I wish I had the guidance I am determined to offer. I was a manifesting master feeding my ego and coming up short every time. I would see that as a challenge, work harder, less time with family, put my head down and it would all pay off… right?? WRONG. I was left with relationships around me crumbling, a bank account that was up and down, and an emptiness that was always with me left me feeling bitter and unsatisfied.
That above paragraph isn’t the girl I am today, not even close. As much as I would love to rewrite that embarrassing narrative, I know I had to go through it and crash hard to align with my purpose. My soul’s purpose is to serve others and not my ego. Working towards my dreams while aligned with my purpose means I now get to truly enjoy what I do, spend more time with my family, serve and impact women from all over the world.
With my corporate background in finance and building my own businesses, I can help you get your idea out of your head and into the world. Beyond the business strategy you need personal growth and the energetic blocks cleared that are keeping you from advancing toward your dreams. That is where the alignment fun begins so you can create and feel fulfilled your entire journey and begin attracting your desires fast with ease and flow! You don’t have to do it alone and that is why we created this community to support you, lets do this!

Lauren Lucero

Hey there!
I'm beyond excited that you're even contemplating this change! I was in your exact shoes not that long ago. I ached for a life not filled with anxiety and worry. I yearned for a life devoted to happiness, family, abundance and time freedom. I'm so happy to be able to tell you - that life that you crave is not far from where you're at today.
My years spent in the corporate world taught me that even when you feel like you've made it, there can be an ache for more in life. It wasn't until I left the corporate world in 2015 to stay home with our daughter that I learned that life is not about the 9-5 grind, it's about doing what sets your soul on fire and what brings out your authentic self. My passion is to help you find that fire. I've learned that life does not have to be a constant struggle and that you can manifest anything you want. I'm blessed to be here to guide you and show you that life can be overwhelmingly abundant and stress free - There is happiness to be found!
A simply shift in mindset can truly help create the business and life of your dreams. Anything is ABSOLUTELY possible. What you've been through and where you're at right now is exactly where you need to be. Let's regret nothing and start creating the life you know you deserve!


Helping others manifest the lives they desire is key to why we do this. We've walked the cobbled path you're currently on and guiding you through the flow of manifestation is our mission. You will receive the tools and road map you need to create the life that has always been available to you.

Everyone deserves to have the life they want and to be happy while doing it. We see the incredible life you will have and love being a part of your journey. 

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